Ing. Bonfiglioli
Mobile equipment for recycling and processing scrap metal

Ing. Bonfiglioli is a leading company that stands out in the world market for the production of mobile equipment for recycling and processing scrap metal. 

The company was founded in 1953 by Mr Gaetano Bonfiglioli, and throughout its history, it has managed to combine a tradition of decades of experience with modern innovation, becoming a point of reference in the sector. 

Thanks to its production, Ing. Bonfiglioli has obtained international copyright patents for the unique design and portability of its equipment. 


Where are our machines? 


The Bonfiglioli family: from agricultural equipment to scrap metal processing and recycling equipment

The Bonfiglioli family is currently running the company and is committed to taking the business to a global level, spreading the company’s good reputation and excellence around the world. 

The sales network of agents and distributors abroad has enabled Ing. Bonfiglioli to spread its strong Italian engineering and manufacturing expertise, meeting the many technical and production requirements of its sector. 

Ing. Bonfiglioli is looking to the future in collaboration with the new generations, seeking to enrich itself with new perspectives and taking into account the innovations and challenges that characterise today’s world. 

Collaboration is an essential element in achieving this goal, through involvement with the local area and proximity to the community of employees who continue to support the company’s project. 

The search for efficient and multitasking technological innovations is another priority for the company, maintaining the same logic that has always characterised products throughout the company’s history. 

Presence in the foreign global market is crucial, as it represents up to 80% of the company’s turnover, building strong partnerships with allies around the world to expand its business. 

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